Open Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 9, 2023

19th Hole Restaurant, Jerome Country Club

Attending Board Members: Chairman Bill Bridges, Sue Williams, Brenda Weekes, Greg Moore, and John Weston with Alan Clawson joining by phone mid-meeting. Not present: Jeff Pierson and Steve Paulsen.

Guests Mike Tilka as Advisor, Larry Hall with Jerome 20/20, Jerome Commissioner Art Watkins, Mark Reyes with Jerome County GIS, and Rebecca Wildman taking minutes.

Bill called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. with a quorum present.

Minutes: October 12, 2023, Minutes reviewed, Greg moved to approve, John second, minutes approved.

Treasurers Report: Bill reported that Tracy with Jerome County said SRCP’s budget has $93k that includes next year’s cost for the second vault toilet. Bill said last year’s budget included the vault toilet that is already installed. No matching cost this year, so budget is $60k plus $5k for IT.

Broken Bridge and Yingst is $12k from Soil & Conservation, $10k from Southern Idaho Parks account, $10k from Mid Snake RC&D and $10k from City of Twin Falls, yet to be received. Discussion about paying bridge contractor; Bill said county mailed the check yesterday.

RV Park: Bill reported corrals are next and the second vault toilet in March 2024. Sue clarified that the first vault toilet was included in the records from Tracy McKim and Sue will review her records of this. First half payment of toilet coming in March has also been paid so the remaining half of $15-18k will come to the county then. Bill asked Sue to call Tracy next week to clarify and Bill to keep Sue informed on other conversations with Tracy. Second vault toilet coming from Montana, is less in total cost, but a longer lead time. Sue said Cache Peak Backcountry Horseman has been doing trail work on forest service land and have not been able to move corral posts yet. She will check in with them and only the hardware cost is left.

  1. Vault toilet                       Grant: $14,800  County match: $2500
  2. Additional crushed rock: Grant $27,000   County match: $2500

Bill informed the toilet’s solar-powered light isn’t working and Sue will give him the manual.

Tent camping plan discussion. Sue suggested barrow pit grading location and parking lot access, but that a state grant will be needed. Grant applications open December 2023 and close in January 2024. Sue asked for board approval to pursue and to work with EHM. Bill motioned to pursue tent camping, Brenda second, motion carried. Sue asked about a budget suggesting $10k for preliminary work and amount was approved. Sue will apply for a grant but noted they won’t be awarded until June 2024. She thinks the biggest expense is gravel for access. Greg asked about concrete and part of vault toilet to level area. Brenda added Yingst trail estimate was $85k and Bill thinks $35k is more realistic. Both noted a new estimate will need to be done.

RV Park toilet is being used, mostly on weekends. Sue shared an inquiry from travelers with horses and fewer inquiries since mid-October. Bill sees 2 or so people using the RV site. He needs to clean out a fire ring and notified someone with a longer stay of the night limit.

Website: Jerome IT Is starting to add to website and Canyon Crest Creative asked for agendas and minutes to post. County IT received website permissions from Canyon Crest and Bill believes they’ll be up on it within a few months. Greg asked who owns the website and Bill believes it is SCRP. Brenda noted SCRP also has a Facebook site with the last post on September’s RV Park Grand Opening. Brenda will send Broken Bridge photos for Facebook.

Broken Bridge: Brenda shared that project was held in getting permission from Riverence to access the property. Mike Walters with Wolftone Construction said the ramp is fabricated, and he is getting materials, base forms, and is trying to get them put in today. Discussion on delay in paying contractor and suggested Sue and Brenda meet Tracy and Bill be copied on invoices to help facilitate payment process.

Grand opening was delayed due to Quagga mussel restrictions and river is still closed there. Greg suggested postponing the Grand opening until Spring, and others agreed. Brenda said by then we may know more about trail costs, grants, and bridge naming.

Shooting Range: Bill reported no funding yet from Fish & Game but thinks it will come before 2024. F&G Boise said the grant money is there to do the feasibility study. Sue said the estimate was from the Boise group and she will research who.

Disc Golf Course: Flags 5 & 18 are missing and #8 is stuck in the hole. New poles and flags will be ordered this winter to replace the missing flags.  At least 2 truckloads of garbage is there to remove and Greg suggested getting a big dumpster placed there for the spring cleanup. Vineyard cleanup by ICL pulled 8 bags of trash with 8 volunteers. Bill picked up trash at Hansen Bridge parking lot, including a mattress.

Overlook: Larry Hall reported that John Tjaden BLM to inquire about geotesting and the need to complete before February 2024. The contract with Civil Science expires end of December, noting an August 29th certified letter sent to Jerome Commissioners (received September 5th) that they approved the geotesting. Stephen Anderson with Civil Science said they can extend to end of 2024 and get started before year end anyway. Map shows 23 acres on edge of canyon, and there are no problems with National Register, golden eagles, and other nesting as long as it is done before February 1. Agreed Stephen to talk to John Tjaden to be sure about the rest of it beyond geotesting. Larry said may need to re-design a little bit with camouflage and site-issues. Alan Clawson joined by telephone. Bill will follow through with Commissioners, BLM and Civil Science. Larry cited from the Jayden letter regarding BLM approval. Can’t see the overlook site from either Perrine Bridge or Evel Knievel site but can see part of the rim trail down the trail from the jump site. The purpose is for the site to have visual cosmetic blending or camouflage, and not based only on visibility.

5-Year Plan: Brenda shared the sub-committee will plan to meet next Thursday. She went over projects with BLM and they agreed to this approach. Projects were designated to certain areas and then separated into those needing BLM approval (e.g., needing earth moving) and those that don’t. Some equestrian trails don’t need approval, nor does the tent camping. For each area identified in the Master Plan, to look at what is appropriate for that area, things like secondary protection and recreation, dog park, trails along the rim, rock crawling, rock climbing, equestrian, CSI property, and committee will continue to take proposals.

The Prescott family owns 200 acres that are land locked in the park. Jerome county had property appraised and presented an offer to the family who declined thinking the market value was higher. Sue said the property would be an ideal addition to the park as it includes the Walgamot trail that is an offshoot from Oregon Trail immigrant road and stage stop to Shoshone. Have not heard from mountain bike group and Brenda suggesting reaching out to her connection.

Discussion on Allen Estate property and Bill will check in with Trustee Melinda Bunn on status of listing and division of property. Greg recalls his discussion with Charlie Howell about rim property requiring developers to put in a trail before they could sell it. Bill to follow-up.

Brochure: Brenda said the brochure map will be updated by Mark Reyes with noted sites. Discussion on icon photos and other brochure suggestions.

Board Member: Art said three people expressed interest in joining the board. Potential board members have until the 15th to apply. Group collectively expressed support for Mark Reyes noting no conflict with him employed by Jerome County.

Speaking: Bill shared he will speak to the Magic Valley Land Trust in December and the TF Morning Rotary. He is trying to get on with the evening Rotary. The Mid Snake RD&C wants Bill to come back to let them know how their $10k was spent.

Newspaper: Bill researched history of the park about Devil’s corral, past airport consideration, National historic landmark consideration, Boy Scout camp, etc. Looking at next article on Vineyard and open to suggestions for future articles.

CSI Property: ITD said there will not be a stoplight installed to enter property from the East side of Highway 93 going into the National Guard entrance. Discussion about access and going through Big Little Ranches, and issues it would create for residents and the county. On hold for now.

Security and Maintenance: New signs, and one by Vineyard needs to be replaced and two signs missing for the Highway Department to replace. Adam Stockberger removed three dumped washing machines before he closed his off-road rental business. Weed control plan requested and County looking for new weed supervisor; applicants must have applicator license.

Brenda asked next in process for BLM. Sue asked about signs on Hwy 93 notifying of camping and ITD said too many signs right now, so no.

Next meeting is Thursday, December 14th.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 pm.