Meeting Minutes – October 12th

Open Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 12, 2023

19th Hole Restaurant, Jerome Country Club

Attending Board members: Chairman Bill Bridges, Jeff Pierson, Brenda Weekes, Greg Moore, and Alan Clawson by phone. Guests were Mike Tilka as Advisor, Adam Stockberger with Idaho Adventure Rentals, Jerome Commissioner Art Watkins, Mark Reyes with Jerome County GIS and Rebecca Wildman from the Southern Idaho Climbing Coalition and taking minutes.

Bill called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. A quorum was not present until Alan Clawson joined by telephone at 11:10 a.m.

Treasurers Report: Bill reported $11,352 in the account and that the fiscal year has started with $60k coming from the county for the regular fund and $5,128 for the website noting the intent to switch to Jerome County IT hosting the site, but they aren’t yet ready to do so. Bill noted a few weeks ago the account had $15k, $2k was used (what about another $7k?). At the end of September $6k was still not spent. Discussion about County staff changes and an employee on medical leave and concern with losing funds that weren’t spent. Art does not believe the funds are lost and that the park may be able to carry them over. Noted that $18k of the new budget will need to go to RV park, so the park will have $42k budget to spend this year. Discussion only and no motion was made to accept financials.

Minutes: With no questions on minutes, Greg motioned to approve, Jeff seconded, motion carried.

RV Park: Bill reported that one or two RVs are staying there at a time now, with one traveling nurse who stayed 5 nights. It has stayed clean so far but going through TP, likely also used by day users. Mike asked Bill if the state would allow us to put up a sign indicating the location of the RV Park and Bill thought the state required running water before they would allow for a sign. No one has seen cows out there yet. The Department of Lands signs are wet from rain and Bill will get them covered in plastic and replaced. Speed signs blew over from past wind and wet ground. Rebecca mentioned possible sponsorship opportunities with ICCU per a discussion she had with an ICCU Jerome representative.

Maintenance: Bill is checking on and cleaning the vault toilet daily but may change to twice per week.

Website: Canyon Crest Creative uncooperative in providing user name and password. Greg suggested follow-up to see if they provided it to Jerome IT, and if not, suggesting asking Jerome’s attorney to write a letter to them.

Broken Bridge: Mike Walters with Wolftone Construction told Brenda that the South side is done and the railings are removed. Ramp is ready but there is a delay because they need to get on the North side to get the concrete truck over. Company needs permission from Riverence, who manages the CSI trout farm. Riverence responded they will have only one communication point and that is with Bill Bridges, and Bill is working through permissions as the road goes across three different properties. Bill is now just waiting on CSI and believes it will work through. Discussion if this will result in complications or an additional cost, etc. Brenda noted we cannot do anything in the water due to the Quagga Mussel issue, and if not soon resolved then it will

delay a grand opening. Others reported that the Quagga mussel treatment was half finished, that they will move down the river from Centennial for 6 more days and that treatment is going further down river than what they originally said.

Question about naming the new bridge with discussion of specific person tributes or to bring it back to the community with a request to submit names. Mentioned creating a SRCP email for submitting names, and to get KMVT, newspaper and website coverage.

Shooting Range: John Weston is not here but noted that the BLM is interested in running the project, but they are slow to move on it. Bill believes the BLM is short staffed.

Overlook: Larry Hall is not here. Waiting for BLM approval of geotech and then ready to proceed. The BLM had indicated approval would be done by Christmas. Current Civil Service proposal only good through the end of this year.

5-Year Plan: Brenda shared she has received proposals for rock climbing from Rebecca, horse trails from Sue, and knows the dog park proposal is in the works. Bill also noted a few trails off the Hansen bridge. Brenda shared Alan’s form for submitting proposals noting it includes a few edits. She will add a revised date to the form and send it digitally. Alan will get a proposal from the rock crawlers submitted. Brenda to gather these proposals before re-convening the 5-year plan sub-committee.

Speaking: Bill spoke with Twin Falls Noon Rotary yesterday with requests to help cleanup at RV park. He also just spoke to the Mid Snake Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) and they are contributing $10k for the Broken Bridge. They have about $40k to utilize and not sure where they get their money from. Next he is speaking to the Magic Valley Land Trust (October 25th or 27th?). Bill will continue to reach out to the other two TF Rotary clubs and Kiwanis.

Speakers Bureau: No longer on for 2023, will look at 2024.

Security: Signage has all been replaced except big kiosk sign. Discussion regarding frame and signage.

SRCP Board Members: Still short a board member with discussion about who might be interested.

Yingst Grade: There is now a garbage can at the top and a dog bag dispenser. Another dog bag dispenser will go to the RV Park. The park has contracted for two portable toilets with the one at Yingst grade, which will stay up year-round, and the other at the disc golf course which will be pulled in November for the winter.

CSI Property: CSI owns property on the East side of Hwy 93 alongside I-84. Bill asked for feedback in suggesting it be developed with a parking lot and trail noting there aren’t many other uses. The armory will be installing a stoplight to access their new facilities on the West side of Hwy 93 and Bill thought if it became a 4-way light instead that would allow access to the East side of Hwy 93 at the same crossing. Discussion about the armory, access, and history of the property as it was originally owned by Arlen Crouch and he donated it to CSI. The armory was looking at it but decided to locate on the West side for power and water access. Also noted was the section of private property that is surrounded by the park and interested by I-84 and that Jerome County is trying to acquire it and incorporate it into the park. Mike added that ITD owns

the property that the Armory is locating on and Art thought ITD also owned property on the North side of I-84 in that area.

Brochure: Brenda shared the revised brochure noting partners and icons with photos. Art suggested “wild flowers” instead of foliage and Adam suggested a better bird watching photo. Larry Hall has offered to print copies as needed and they would be handed out as needed. Rebecca mentioned if the park gets an email to add that to the brochure. Art suggested adding the Mid Snake RC&D as a partner. Mark will help with labels on the map as he has original file and thinks it has already been updated with the pedestrian bridge, RV park, etc. Agreed to leave Jerome County logo where it is and make icons larger. Change Fusion Incorporated to Fusion Mechanical. Asked about mountain bike trails and Bill said he’s emailed Mike Young and Mark noted also Jacob Wittenburg was working on this too.

Other: Shared Idaho Power has put chain link fencing on the canyon wall above the power plant to guard against rock fall. Mark asked if Dave Fryberg with BLM was willing to do the visual inspection for the overlook. Further discussion and Brenda suggested the board or Jerome Commissioners ask Codie Martin and John Tjaden from BLM to give an update to at the next board meeting in November.

Meeting was Adjourned at 12:45 pm.

Meeting Minutes – Feb 09, 2023

Snake River Canyons Park Boards

300 N. Lincoln Ave.

Jerome, ID.  83338-2317

Open Meeting Minutes

Thursday Feb. 9, 2023

Meeting at Caddy Shack, Jerome Country Club

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am by chairman Bill Bridges, Also, in attendance were board members Sue Williams, John Weston, Jeff Pierson, Greg Moore and Brenda Weekes.

Guests included: Lisa Cresswell, David Freiberg, Mike Tylka, Randel Brunmeier, Rebecca Wildman, Mike Jurak, Terry Mode, Bill Maikranz (President OHV club), Jeff Trammell (Past President OHV club), Jerry Duffy, Ray Sheen, Jack Hartman, Ben Crouch.

All board members and guest introduced themselves.

The minutes from the January 12, 2023 meeting were approved.

Bill Bridges gave the treasurers report.

The county budget for 2023 is $25,000  -$1500 for signs and $2400 for the WEB page and Facebook.

$1602 in our account. 

A brief discussion was had on moving the meeting to a different time or place.  The question was raised regarding moving the meeting time from a time during the day to an evening meeting so new board members could participate who may not be able to take time off from work during the day.  Most board member indicated they would like the meetings to stay the same time and place.  No vote was taken.

We need more volunteers to help upkeep the park.

Sue Williams gave an update on the RV Park.  Sue has submitted another grant to Idaho Parks and Recreation Dept. For an additional $43,000 to cover the increased costs of the second vault toilet and additional gravel.  The grant was submitted Jan. 27.  All of the grading is completed and we are waiting for the rock to be installed.  The first vault toilet will be delivered in the April time frame.   Sue has acquired some wood for three horse corrals.  The Cache Peak chapter of Back Country Horseman have volunteered to help build the corrals.

Bill Bridges gave a short review of the Web page in Lexi’s absents.  We are slowly getting improvements.  Lexi and Bill have tried to make several meetings with Canyon Crest Creations, to no avail.  We need more feedback.  A member of the OHV club pointed out that the picture of the ORV is a $500,000 race car.  We need to get that changed.

Brenda Fittante Weekes talked about the Broken Bridge.  We are waiting on the Water Resources Board.  It has been sent to the Army Corp of Engineers and Idaho Fish & Game.  Brenda also has paper work in with the Idaho Dept of Lands.  The Dept. of Lands is waiting on the Water Resources Board.  We need a legal survey of the bridge area to get the Dept. of Lands and BLM approvals.

 John Weston spoke about the gun range.  John has provided drawings and information.  Sue Wiiliams wrote a grant to get a professional feasibility plan for the shooting range.  This is the first step in getting the land approved for a shooting range north of I84.  David Freiberg spoke a little about his effect to get all the BLM’s paper work ready.  He needs contact information for all gun users and groups in the Magic Valley.  Money for the grant will be available in early 2024, if approved.   

Several members of the OHV club spoke about their long-standing use of the park.  They questioned the policy of “stay on the trails” and wanted reinstatement of the “go anywhere” policy.  David Freiberg, BLM, stated the signage referencing “Stay on Trails” has all been removed.  The club would like to have input to updating the priorities for the park.  The club has cleaned the park for 24 years and kept it from being closed because of the trash.   Brenda invited two members to be on the subcommittee writing the new priorities.

Bill Bridges spoke on the Shoshone Falls Overlook briefly.  The cell tower in the area has been cancelled.  Any road we build into the area will be over a 20 foot cliff.

Next on the list was working on a Master Plan.  Brenda showed copies of the maps from the old Master Plan to the OHV representatives.  Bill pointed out that the old plan called for an update in 2024 and then get the 25 year extension.  The county got the 25 year extension first, because we needed it to get grants.

Bill Bridges ask board members for ideas on newspaper articles.

A security discussion about Yingst Grade was next.  Charlie Howell is working on getting a light for the parking lot.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:51 PM.

The next Park Board meeting will be held at the 9th Hole restaurant on Thursday March 9, 2023 (second Thursday of the month) from 11am-1pm.

Minutes Approved:

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Signature of Snake River Canyons Park Board Member                                       Date

Note: Highway district meeting was on Thursday night, 12.8.22.  Bill went to the meeting.  The parking lot is a legal turnaround on Yingst Grade Road.  So no gate to close it off.  Speed bumps are not allowed on public streets in Jerome County.  One reason is they damage snow plows.