Snake River Canyons Park Boards

300 N. Lincoln Ave.

Jerome, ID.  83338-2317

Open Meeting Minutes

Thursday Feb. 9, 2023

Meeting at Caddy Shack, Jerome Country Club

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am by chairman Bill Bridges, Also, in attendance were board members Sue Williams, John Weston, Jeff Pierson, Greg Moore and Brenda Weekes.

Guests included: Lisa Cresswell, David Freiberg, Mike Tylka, Randel Brunmeier, Rebecca Wildman, Mike Jurak, Terry Mode, Bill Maikranz (President OHV club), Jeff Trammell (Past President OHV club), Jerry Duffy, Ray Sheen, Jack Hartman, Ben Crouch.

All board members and guest introduced themselves.

The minutes from the January 12, 2023 meeting were approved.

Bill Bridges gave the treasurers report.

The county budget for 2023 is $25,000  -$1500 for signs and $2400 for the WEB page and Facebook.

$1602 in our account. 

A brief discussion was had on moving the meeting to a different time or place.  The question was raised regarding moving the meeting time from a time during the day to an evening meeting so new board members could participate who may not be able to take time off from work during the day.  Most board member indicated they would like the meetings to stay the same time and place.  No vote was taken.

We need more volunteers to help upkeep the park.

Sue Williams gave an update on the RV Park.  Sue has submitted another grant to Idaho Parks and Recreation Dept. For an additional $43,000 to cover the increased costs of the second vault toilet and additional gravel.  The grant was submitted Jan. 27.  All of the grading is completed and we are waiting for the rock to be installed.  The first vault toilet will be delivered in the April time frame.   Sue has acquired some wood for three horse corrals.  The Cache Peak chapter of Back Country Horseman have volunteered to help build the corrals.

Bill Bridges gave a short review of the Web page in Lexi’s absents.  We are slowly getting improvements.  Lexi and Bill have tried to make several meetings with Canyon Crest Creations, to no avail.  We need more feedback.  A member of the OHV club pointed out that the picture of the ORV is a $500,000 race car.  We need to get that changed.

Brenda Fittante Weekes talked about the Broken Bridge.  We are waiting on the Water Resources Board.  It has been sent to the Army Corp of Engineers and Idaho Fish & Game.  Brenda also has paper work in with the Idaho Dept of Lands.  The Dept. of Lands is waiting on the Water Resources Board.  We need a legal survey of the bridge area to get the Dept. of Lands and BLM approvals.

 John Weston spoke about the gun range.  John has provided drawings and information.  Sue Wiiliams wrote a grant to get a professional feasibility plan for the shooting range.  This is the first step in getting the land approved for a shooting range north of I84.  David Freiberg spoke a little about his effect to get all the BLM’s paper work ready.  He needs contact information for all gun users and groups in the Magic Valley.  Money for the grant will be available in early 2024, if approved.   

Several members of the OHV club spoke about their long-standing use of the park.  They questioned the policy of “stay on the trails” and wanted reinstatement of the “go anywhere” policy.  David Freiberg, BLM, stated the signage referencing “Stay on Trails” has all been removed.  The club would like to have input to updating the priorities for the park.  The club has cleaned the park for 24 years and kept it from being closed because of the trash.   Brenda invited two members to be on the subcommittee writing the new priorities.

Bill Bridges spoke on the Shoshone Falls Overlook briefly.  The cell tower in the area has been cancelled.  Any road we build into the area will be over a 20 foot cliff.

Next on the list was working on a Master Plan.  Brenda showed copies of the maps from the old Master Plan to the OHV representatives.  Bill pointed out that the old plan called for an update in 2024 and then get the 25 year extension.  The county got the 25 year extension first, because we needed it to get grants.

Bill Bridges ask board members for ideas on newspaper articles.

A security discussion about Yingst Grade was next.  Charlie Howell is working on getting a light for the parking lot.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:51 PM.

The next Park Board meeting will be held at the 9th Hole restaurant on Thursday March 9, 2023 (second Thursday of the month) from 11am-1pm.

Minutes Approved:

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Signature of Snake River Canyons Park Board Member                                       Date

_____________________________________________                                     ___________________

Signature of Snake River Canyons Park Board Member                                       Date

Note: Highway district meeting was on Thursday night, 12.8.22.  Bill went to the meeting.  The parking lot is a legal turnaround on Yingst Grade Road.  So no gate to close it off.  Speed bumps are not allowed on public streets in Jerome County.  One reason is they damage snow plows.

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