No Recreational Shooting

To Whom It May Concern:

Jerome County has passed ordinance 2022-3 prohibiting shooting in the entire Snake River Canyons park and the adjoining IDL property. This ordinance took effect May 7th after printing in the Times-News. The continued damaging of existing signs, safety issues with other users, and “trigger” trash have necessitated this complete closure of the park area, and was requested by the Park Board in its monthly public meeting. Previously, the park allowed shooting east of the 700 East Road. No shooting is allowed south of I-84. All shooting is still permitted north of Interstate 84 and east of Flying J on BLM property. This ordinance does not affect private property shooting rights. Jerome Sheriff’s office and BLM law enforcement will enforce and ticket people not abiding by the ordinance. The Park Board, park users, and local residents would appreciate your compliance in these matters. Thank you!


Enjoy the outdoors safely!