With well over 50 species of plants in the Snake River Canyons Park, plan to come out and see what you can find, like the Sego Lily or the various types of milkvetch. There are several types of lichens which color the lava rock outcroppings. Sage brush abounds, and with two different types you can challenge yourself to tell them apart. You’ll find trees located down in the canyon where there is more moisture while the smaller more drought resistant plants prevail up on top. 

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Foliage in the Area:

Common NameScientific NameNoxious Weeds
Tall Tumble MustardSisymbrium altissimum
Rush SkeletonweedChondrilla junceaX
Redstem Storksbill, Redstem FilareeErodium cicutarium
Bur ButtercupCeratocephala testiculata
Great Basin VioletViola Beckwithii
Munro’s GlobemallowSphaeralcea munroana
Plains Cactus, Prickly PearOpuntia polyacantha
Hoary TansyasterDieteria canascens
Yellow SalsifyTragopogon dubius
Maiden Blue Eyed MaryCollinsia parviflora
Rock DandelionTaraxacum laevigatum
Common DandelionTaraxacum officinale
Clasping PepperweedLepidium perfoliatum
Freckled MilkvetchAstragalus lentiginosus
Woolypod MilkvetchAstragalus purshii
Rubber RabitbrushEricameria nauseosa
Green RabbitbrushChrysothamnus viscidiflorus
Common SunflowerHelianthus annuus
Sego LilyCalochortus nuttallii
Broom SnakeweedGutierrezia sarothrae
Common MullienVerbascum thapsus
Diffuse KnapweedCentaurea diffusaX
TansymustardsDescurainia spp.
Douglas’ DustymaidenChaenachtis douglasii
Western YarrowAchillea millefolium
Wild Blue FlaxLinum lewisii
Basin SagebrushArtemisia tridentats
White SagebrushArtemisia ludoviciana
Cheat GrassBromus tectorum
Idaho FescueFestuca idahoensis
Bluebunch WheatgrassPseudoroegneria spicata
Puncture Vine, GoatheadTribulus terrestrisX
Curlycup GumweedGrindelia squarrosa
All grasses not identified
Trees not listed