Rock crawling at Snake River Canyons Park can be an exciting and rewarding experience when done properly. Here are some tips to make sure you have a safe and fun trip:

  • Always scout the area before you begin rock crawling, and make sure you’re aware of any potential obstacles or danger spots. -Make sure your vehicle is equipped with the right tools and supplies, such as extra water, tow straps and tools for repairs if something breaks.
  • Bring ample fuel for both your vehicle and other members in your group - no one wants to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere!
  • Take it slow - don't rush through the course too quickly, or try to take on any challenges that seem too difficult.
  • Have a spotter with you at all times, who can point out potential hazards from outside of the vehicle. This is especially important when rock crawling on unfamiliar trails.
  • Be mindful of restricted areas - some parts of the park may be off limits for safety reasons, so pay attention to posted signs or ask a park ranger for advice beforehand.

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